Donated Blood For The First Time

Chirag Sorathiya
2 min readFeb 15, 2022


On 14th February 2022, I donated my blood for the first time. For years, I’ve been meaning to do that but I had some bizarre concerns that were unanswered until now.

I asked the doctor about it and after talking to him, I felt so glad I did it. I’m interested in doing so very often. I have one of the rarest blood groups in the world so it was recommended to me by the doctor at the camp that I do this whenever I can. I could save someone’s life and he had me at “saving a life”!


One of the concerns that I mentioned was related to decease transmission via the process. I was really genuinely worried about used needles being used.

But after I discussed it with the doctor, I came to know that it was all in my head 😜. Turns out they are pretty careful about this stuff. This is one of the reasons I agreed to donate. I said, “of one the reason”!


I believe the feeling of donating blood outweighs the benefits of it. I felt so much better knowing that my blood is going to help someone.

Before that day I didn’t realize that there are so many people in my city who are suffering from diseases that I never even heard of. And every single donor becomes a helping hand in that. This is really sad to know but there is nothing most of us can do about it financially but at least donating blood is something we can.


I recommend everyone who is reading this post to donate blood. It’s one of the greatest things you will ever do in your life.

Start donating blood today! You’ll feel better. I promise! 🩸

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